K C Carlton’s LGBT and Erotic Books

K C Carlton is actually a double act in which Kat Carlton publishes under her own name books written partly by her and partly by her brother.

The reason for this subterfuge is that her brother was famous and she is not; as Carlton is her married name, it doesn’t point automatically at him. He is now, unfortunately, her late brother but she still has a sizeable cache of his work to get into print. The picture shown here is not Kat but the model who sat for the cover of her book, Pearl’s a Sinner and she gives two reasons for this: that she’d rather be identified as someone nearly 30 years younger than she is and that, if she posted her own picture, people who know her would make the connection with her brother. A warning that we had better give before inviting you to plunge into the world of K C Carlton is that Kat is bisexual and so was her brother. She is also a Christian and likes to describe her books as Christian Erotic Romance. The descriptions of sexual activity are more graphic than those by her fellow Mandrill Press author, Suzie Hopkins. You have been warned.


Winging It

The best way to tell you what this book (written by Kat’s brother and edited by her) is about is probably with this extract from a review: Winging It is the story of a man who lives a sinful life and is redeemed through the love of God. I’m not going to give away the ending, but as I read the final chapters I was in tears. They were happy tears, because this is one of the most fulfilling endings I have read in a very long time. It’s well written, the characters are fully formed and convincing but it’s the ending that marks it out from the crowd. I didn’t think I would ever describe a book that describes gay sex so graphically as a lovely book, but that’s exactly what it is. A lovely book.

Beyond that, you need to know that it’s the story of a young man who makes a great success of his life and becomes extremely well known, especially after he goes to Hollywood, and has sexual relationships with men and with women – and the consummation of those relationships is described in exceptional detail. This may be the frankest description of the gay lifestyle ever written. If that is not for you then do not read this book.

Winging It is available in paperback here and the price includes post and packing wherever in the world you are. If you would like Kat to sign it, please email her at kc@mandrillpress.com setting out exactly how you want the dedication to read. It’s also available for Kindle (including the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library) here.

Pearl's a Sinner

Pearl is born into a strict Christian sect. A normal young woman and sexual being, she is seduced by another church member and disgraced. What follows is a life of debauchery in which Pearl enjoys (and is enjoyed by) men and women. But Kat Carlton is a Christian writer if she is anything, and what we see at the end is the triumph of love – human love and God’s love.

WARNING: This has been described as a lovely book and in our opinion it is a lovely book, in which good triumphs BUT the author does not shrink from describing the sexual activity in great detail. If that does not sound like your sort of thing, then please don’t read the book.

Pearl’s a Sinner is currently available in paperback here or for Kindle(including the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library) here.

A Perfect Solution

A Perfect Solution is the story of a young man who does not at the beginning know whether he is gay or straight—so he experiments until he finds his true love. There is sex in it—but this is above all else a romance to touch the heart.
Chris is a young man brought up with three girls and a girl is what he wishes he had been. The girls dress him as one of them and he revels in the life that opens up for him. If you don’t want to know what it is that men do when they’re in bed with other men, you should not read this book—but Chris finds that girls, too, are not without their attractions. He falls in love with one, but she is denied to him; he falls in love with another and loses her, too. In sadness he turns back to men—but Cupid has one last card to play before Chris finds his perfect solution.

A Perfect Solution is currently for Kindle (including the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library) audiobook. For the audiobook version, click one of these buttons:


Tender Folds

Tender Folds is Book 4 in the Taken by Force series and has not yet been joined with others in a collection. It’s K C Carlton’s darkest work so far and the first (despite the Taken By Force series title) in which not all of the sex is consensual. As anyone who has read Winging It and/or Pearl’s a Sinner would expect, redemption is found through the love of God, but in return God extracts the ultimate price. It’s also the first and so far the only book in the series that can be described as crime fiction as well as erotica.

Michael, a naïf young man with no sexual experience, is caught on the rebound by a scheming woman who tricks him into committing a dreadful crime. In the years that follow, he attempts to lead a normal life but from time to time the thing buried in his past breaks through and causes him to offend again, though afterwards he has no recollection of it – until the next time. He frees himself of his burden at last – but at a terrible price.

Tender Folds is available for Kindle (including the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library) or as an audiobook:

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