S F Hopkins’s Contemporary and Historical Erotic Romance

SF Hopkins is a pen name.

Suzie Hopkins has more reason than most to write under a name that is not her own because she lives in Abu Dhabi and writes erotica and the authorities there would be likely to expel her from the country if they identified her. That is also the reason she uses the image above instead of her own photograph.

She founded the Mandrill Press cooperative in 2012 with John Lynch who, because of his regular travels to the Middle East, she knew well. She is Canadian, brought up in Toronto, but is a Marketing Manager and has travelled for most of her working life. You can find her full story (or as much of it as she cares to tell) here.

The Binding

A Legacy in Words, A Lifetime in Love.

A diary and a cache of letters from a hundred and twenty years ago introduce Caroline and James to the sad story of their forebears who gave up the people they loved out of Victorian ideas of honour and what was fitting. Are they doomed to do the same?
In 1893, Captain Rodney McKenna chaperones the young Melissa Blaze to India – he to rejoin his regiment and she to find a husband. Melissa falls in love with the Captain and the Captain with her, but his sense of honour forbids him acting on his feelings and the journey ends in disaster, with the Captain stripped of his rank and Melissa banned from returning to England.
Now, in 2013, their great great grandchildren, Caroline and James, find themselves in the same dilemma. Caroline has led what can only be called a dissolute life. Can she overcome her past to accept the love that is offered her?

WARNING: Contains explicit sexual activity. If that is not for you, don’t read this book.

You can get The Binding in paperback here — the price includes postage and packing wherever in the world you may be. If you would like it signed, please email Suzie at sfh@mandrillpress.com telling her exactly what you want the dedication to say. You can download it for Kindle here. However, you may also like to know that it is also available for Kindle bound into The Transformation of David and Other Stories.

Lovers in Their Fashion

Alice ended her relationship with the love of her life because she had done something she believed he could never forgive. When they meet again after ten years, she knows she wants him back. But her secret comes back to haunt her and it seems that it will wreck their chance of happiness together.

Deliciously romantic, explicitly erotic, delightfully amusing. And now an audiobook!

If you’d like to know how a book can be at the same time utterly romantic, blissfully funny and explicitly sexual — listen to this extract, where Merrill, American friend of the heroine (Alice), imagines describing to Alice the love she feels for Bolivian Tony Frejus:

You can download Lovers in Their Fashion for Kindle here. The audiobook is here:


The Transformation of David

The Chakin teach Andrew Matthews how to transfer people between bodies. Breaking a solemn promise, he turns his daughter, Lottie into David Walters in order to seize David’s fortune–and, along the way, enjoy the carnal pleasures of the beautiful female body that was forbidden him. The Chakin cross the seas to release David from his bondage as a woman, and David is grateful to them…but the gratitude is not total. Has David, in becoming a man once more, lost more than he gains?

The Transformation of David is available for Kindle and you can download it here.

It’s also an audiobook, which you can find here:

The Dream

Christine is nearly 40 and divorced from a husband who took no care of her sexual needs. She has dated occasionally since the divorce but never taken a man into her bed. Prim and demure on the surface, her nights are filled with The Dream in which she surrenders her chastity. On holiday, she longs to fulfil the dream with a man staying at the same hotel–but he goes home and Christine gives up hope. Then the chance to live the dream comes from an unexpected quarter. Christine has to decide whether to pass the chance up, or let it happen.

The Dream is available only for Kindle and you can download it here. However, you may also like to know that it is also available for Kindle bound into The Transformation of David and Other Stories.

The Transformation of David & Other Stories

A bargain whichever way you look at it. Two full length novels – The Binding and Lovers in Their Fashion – and two shorts – The Transformation of David and The Dream – bound into one book. It’s only available for Kindle at present but if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber it can also be borrowed free of charge from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL). Money-saving opportunities like this don’t come round every day!

Download it here

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