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Write Your Blog Posts to Sell

Copywriting is selling. If the object of your online post is not to attract potential customers and get them to open their wallets, what are you doing it for?

As the marketplace in which everyone operates (everyone outside North Korea, at any rate) has become more global, so it has become more competitive. What you need from a freelance writer is copy that will generate profitable revenue. Otherwise, your website is not doing its job.

The writer must understand SEO well enough to make sure that your message is going to be picked up by search engines (and for the right reasons) but that in itself is not enough – when the prospect reaches your page, s/he must be sufficiently captivated not just to stay there but also to click your other links. Especially the link that puts products in the cart and the link that checks the customer out, transferring her or his money into your account.

One of the things that means is that the quality of English on view has to be the highest possible. Just yesterday, I saw an ad from a freelancer on the Indian subcontinent who said that her command of UK English was perfect. She also claimed the ability to “think outside box”. Well, look: this is idiomatic English and the expression is “think outside the box”. Omitting articles is a standard in Indian English. It is unknown in the UK English in which this lady claimed to be proficient.

You think that’s a small thing? What matters is: Will your potential customers agree with you? Or will they be turned off by a deviation, however slight, from the language they are accustomed to?

There’s no room for vanity in the writer for hire’s toolbox. Writers for hire who have published successful novels make good copywriters – I am one myself – but only because they have shown a high level of imagination and creativity. In my view, the best literary style is invisible – and that’s certainly what you want on your website.

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