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Writer for hire? But you’re a fiction writer!

Yes, I write fiction. I’ve published three novels in the last four years; they’re listed here. My books are well reviewed and shortlisted for highly regarded prizes.
So I’m happy. Right?
Well, yes, I am – I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do since I was ten years old and with each book I become a better writer than I was before. I can’t leave it there, though.
I spent forty years as an international salesperson. Starting with 25 years in IT and ending in sales of building products to the construction industry, I’ve lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica. It was always demanding work and it was sometimes dangerous but I kept at it because I’m a gregarious person; I need contact with other people. So, much as I love writing novels and short stories (if you like, you can listen to the very first one I ever sold to the BBC), that alone is not enough for me. 
I looked at the skills I have and decided that the one I most wanted to use was my ability to write clearly and well. And that’s what I do. My “day job” is also as a writer – a freelance; a writer for hire.
Here are links to some examples of the work I’ve done and the terms on which I take on assignments.

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