International sales training course

This post is reblogged from, a blog managed by the company run by one of “our” authors, John Lynch who in fact wrote the post (as well as the book, The International Sales Handbook).

Anyone attending one of our three-day residential seminars on their own account rather than as part of the programme laid on for a company pays £800 which, when VAT is added, becomes £960. It’s a matter of pride that these seminars, which are restricted to a maximum of twelve people, are always fully subscribed.
Nevertheless, I’m aware that £960 is a lot of money when it comes out of your own pocket so it is with pleasure that we now offer an alternative at a considerably lower cost.
A spoken version of The International Sales Handbook became available on 28th September 2015 and the intention is that anyone wanting an in-depth introduction to everything that an international sales person, or company wanting to start or grow an export business, needs to know should regard this as a training course.
The course is in audiobook form and can be downloaded from, iTunes or Amazon – play it as often as you like on your iPod, iPad, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. You can see a chapter by chapter breakdown of the contents here; by way of a taster, you can listen to the beginning of Chapter 1 here: