Sharon Wright: Butterfly by John Lynch

Sharon Wright: Butterfly by John Lynch


No-one gave Sharon a chance. Except Sharon.

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Paperback 340 pages

In Sharon’s deprived childhood, Buggy was Top Cat—the one everyone went in fear of. Buggy ruled the roost and Buggy’s girlfriend could be the Number One female. So she married him. But Buggy as an adult is no more than a messenger boy and the men who call on his services treat him—and therefore her—with contempt. She’d been the one with the brains and she has to watch the more cautious girls who knew what Sharon’s mother had never taught her climb the ladder out of the dump they all grew up in.

Then Buggy’s incompetence lands him in trouble with not one but two contract killers, one British and one American. Trouble for Buggy means trouble for Sharon. In desperate circumstances, desperate remedies prevail and Sharon persuades the young graduate who thinks she loves him to steal £400,000 from a gangster who is never likely to forgive and forget.

She takes the train to Paris to collect the money. But who is that watching her from the end of the carriage? And is she wise to flick the hem of her miniskirt at him?


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