The Binding by S F Hopkins

The Binding by S F Hopkins


The Binding Cover

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A Legacy in Words, A Lifetime in Love

A diary and a cache of letters from a hundred and twenty years ago introduce Caroline and James to the sad story of their forebears who gave up the people they loved out of Victorian ideas of honour and what was fitting. Are they doomed to do the same?
In 1893, Captain Rodney McKenna chaperoned the young Melissa Blaze to India – he to rejoin his regiment and she to find a husband. Melissa falls in love with the Captain and the Captain with her, but his sense of honour forbids him acting on his feelings and the journey ends in disaster, with the Captain stripped of his rank and Melissa banned from returning to England.
Now, in 2013, their great great grandchildren, Caroline and James, find themselves in the same dilemma. Caroline has led what can only be called a dissolute life. Can she overcome her past to accept the love that is offered her?
WARNING: Contains explicit sexual activity. If that is not for you, don’t read this book.

The Binding Cover


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