Free story online by John Lynch

I’ve changed all the names, for reasons that should be obvious, but this story is largely true, as the word “true” is generally used – that is, the facts described actually happened, and happened in the way I say they did. I’m not publishing it here, though, because I want to tell a story; I’m republishing it (it first appeared a while ago on my own blog) because in recent weeks I’ve listened to a lot of discussion – some of it fatuous, much of it wishful thinking and some of it dangerous – about Islam, what Moslems want and how the cultures of Islamic countries chime with/differ from those in the West. I’ve spent a lot of my life in the Middle East and while there I’ve socialised mostly with locals and rarely with Western expats. This is my contribution to the debate. I hope it will go a little way towards persuading Westerners that things in the Middle East are not as they think, and not as governments and commentators are telling them.

To download the story, just click on the link.

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